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Several Fun Facts About Content Marketing

There are more than 25 million new pieces of content that is shared on the web daily. This huge flood of information flowing to consumers affirms that content is still king. Speaking of the saying that content is king, this saying was first said by Bill Gates in 1996 when he gave an opinion in an essay about the future of advertising.

The daily volume of content that is posted on the web is massive and the practice of marketing by content is still in its infancy.

Even in its infancy, content marketing has aggressively begun to replace the traditional pitchy type of ads with fresh answers, guidance, and insight for the consumer.

Leading your marketing with content is not just a new trend used by small businesses that are wishing to connect with the consumer. It is also being used by some online giants. The following are four online giants that are also using content to do their marketing.

1. Sears has created Fitstudio. Fitstudio is a fitness resource that you can access online. This website offers fitness information that is provided by experts.

2. General electric uses more than one online content marketing source to showcase its abilities. One of its sources is its ecomagination website. Ecomagination offers fresh and interesting conversation about clean technology.

3. General Mills offers its Tablespoon website. This website offers recipes

4. Colgate offers its Oral and Dental Health Resource Center. This resource offers articles and videos that discuss oral health issues.

If you evaluate the success of the practice of marketing by content right now in its early stages you will agree that it is going to be more popular and more powerful in the future. The value that it adds to industry along with the free relevant help that it gives people will not be parted with easily. People like content marketing so much that 67 percent more people become leads of companies that have blogs. People love blogs. They enjoy reading them and they benefit from the free relevant information that many blogs provide.

86% of business to consumer companies have begun using the practice of marketing with content. Savvy businesses have taken note that consumers are leaning more on social networking. In fact eight out of every ten internet users are reached by social media and blogging.

Almost 87% of business to business companies use social media to share content. Publishing informative and highly relevant content on your website is good however it does not reach the masses. To reach the masses it is necessary to use social media.

There are plenty of freelancers and companies that write blogs and handle social media campaigns. Nevertheless, more than 60% of companies prefer to handle their blogging and social networking in-house.

Marketing by content addresses the many questions of the consumer and returns much needed relevant answers. The thirst for information is not likely to leave the consumer. One would guess then that neither will the need for content marketing.

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